white on white

My favorite colour for summer is white, especialy for lace.. What's yours?

Stradivarius dress and bag
ebay sunglasses
new look ring




trending: borosane

These shoes caught my attention while walking down Croatian streets.They seem to be a big hit here besides wearing boots in summer... I wouldn't go for the last, but I immediately liked Borosanas despite having some association with the 'working shoes in  ex-Yugoslavia'. Factory Borovo designed them for people who had jobs which required a lot of standing, since they are special ortopedic shoes. This year they were redesigned and copied by world known brands such as Lacoste, Balenciaga, Dior... Originally they existed in blue and white, but today we can find them in different colours and patters. In my opinion you whether love them or hate them :) I bought myself a pair with lace and wore them yesterday for my mom's birthday. What do you think?

Zara blazer
Hollister top
Express shorts
Top shop necklace
Chanel sunglasses
Pull&bear ring
Furla bag
Borovo shoes
PS. I bought this cute flower jacket yesterday in Zadar while checking new collections. I know that summer is almost over and that's time for darker tones but it was on my wishlist for a long time and sold out in Ljubljana, so I was really happy to find it here between last pieces on sale for so little money :) Not my size but I will sort this out with my sewing machine :)

Have a nice day guys ;)




38 °C

 Here it is still so hot! Yesterday the temperatures were really high, so I stayed in the shadows most of the day and went for a swim every hour, but just simply couldn't cool down because the sea is too warm as well  So here are a few pics from my outfit I wore a couple days ago..And my latest manicure. In the morning also arrived a package with my new J. Crew look like statement necklace that I ordered a while ago.

Hottest greetings ;)
new look top
stradivarius necklace and bracelet
zara+diy shorts
h&m bracelet




favorite summer accessories

 I decided to sum up some of my favorite accessories and show it to you.. I can't even decide what is my favorite piece, but one is clear, I just love to shop bags, rings, necklaces, sunglasses.. :) and here are some of them..which I wear most of the time..
What are your favorite accessories?

p.s. sorry for lots of pics ;)
My two new favorite accessories for this summer, a captain hat and my new tattoo,

so Carpe Diem guys ;)