DIY: american flag shorts

 This weekend I finally reached my final destination for this summer, beautiful island of Murter in Croatian seaside..I'll be staying here till the end of September, so I'll have plenty of time to do whatever I want and of course to enjoy the summer :)) The temperatures are pretty high these days (almost 40!!) so I rather keep in the shadow and do some diy projects that I wanted for a while :) So here they are..my American flag shorts, a pair of ripped jeans and a few studded diys that I made a while ago and forgot to show them to you..yes I'm obsessed with studs lately as you can see :P
Don't know what to do with old high All stars? Cut them and put on some studs ;)
A pair of old long jeans turned into fashionable shorts ;)
To spice up some white pieces with golden studs..
You can see me wearing these black jeans HERE
 Hope you're enjoying summer as well! ;) And stay tuned to see how I styled these American flag shorts :)





London update!

Last weekend we went to London to celebrate a dear friend's birthday.. We went to a dinner and after to a place called Boujis! We definitely had great time ;) I've been to London several times, so we didn't have to do any sightseeing and we just had fun wondering around and spending time with friends.. sorry for the amount of pictures, I'll post the outfit pics in separate post next days :) I'm already enjoying seaside so I hope you have a great time as well ;)

Morning after, with this amazing view!

 Visiting Tate modern and Damien Hirsch exhibition..it was pretty crazy! I think I was the only one that really liked it :) Not an ordinary exhibition but in my opinion definitely worth seeing it ;)
 End of course some London hauls, one just can't leave London without shopping :P
Wanted these studded loafers for a while :)

Enjoy the summer guys!