I know this post is not about fashion, but I really wanted to share this delicious desert with you. They can be done fast and easy and they go well with whipped cream. So here's the recipe for all of you with a sweet tooth ;)

 Ingredients :
-250g of butter
-250g of dark baking chocolate
-2cl of rum
-250g of brown sugar
-10g of vanilla sugar
-180g of flour
-50g of cocoa powder
-5 eggs

-baking paper


melt the butter and chocolate in a stove to get a fine mixture. Then stop melting, add rum and wait a bit for it to cool down. Separately put eggs and mix it toghether with sugar and vanilla sugar until you get a foamed mixture. Then add the mixture of chocolate and butter, then flour and cocoa power. Mix it all toghether until the mixture is fine. You can put also some crumbled pices of chocolate on top of the mixture. Spread the butter over the baking tray or put just some baking paper. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Bake brownies for 20 minutes. 

P.S.: you can also add nuts. Best served warm and with whipped cream.
Bon appetit!



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