Although i'm not a child anymore carnival is still my favourite holiday. It allows you to transform into someone else...someone you always wanted to be. Maybe a movie or a cartoon character...or maybe something completly different. Last year I was a catwoman and this year I wanted to paint my face so I decided to be a Pierrot clown. As last year I designed and bought material myself and results you can see below ;)  

 Applying the paint wasn't as simple as I thought it would be..so I spent quite some time applying it :)

    I made an upside-down french braid with a bun on top, of course with some help of my mum :)

 And here is a link with pictures that inspired me for this mask and a picture from last year ;)

 Kisses, N.


  1. Kompozija predzadnje slike je odlična ;)

  2. Najlaži se je pa tkole hecat! :P

  3. i mean it! Odlično skombinirano s črnobelimi ploščicami :D


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