Celebrating my birthday

I'm really bad at posting lately..If I don't have to study I always have million things to do .. :) I was celebrating my 25 birthday on Sunday and it was a really great day.. So here are some pictures of what I was wearing for lunch with my family and a picnic in the evening with my friends..and of course some gifts that i received :P

Have a great prolonged weekend, I will be probably going to the seaside :)
dress: Hollister
Sunglasses: Miss Vandelej
Shoes:Pretty ballerinas
Body chain: Top Shop
Bag: Stradivarius
ring: Pesavento



I made..vol.2

Today is such a happy day! :) I passed a difficult exam, my birthday is just few days away and the weather finally got better :) And I suddenly have more free time :) So here's an old post from an outfit I wore to a party that I didn't post due to lack of time. Remember when I said that I'm sewing myself a dress?I finished it and here it is..You can see what came out merely from a draft ;)
So what do you think?

wearing a diy dress, stradivarius jacket an heels, elfs belt

And I promise I'll be posting more frequently now,

Have a great day! ;)